We have made changes the the 2023-2024 Funding Request Model. Beginning this academic year, The Center will be able to support a maximum of $1500 for each student organization per academic year. This means that student organizations can still request funding exceeding $1500 on their funding request form. However, our office will only be able to contribute up to $1500 to each organization's budget. Requests above $1500 will be forwarded to the relevant department (Chem/Biochem, Math, Physics, Astrophysics) for review. Departments that wish to support specific student organizations beyond the $1500 limit are encouraged to directly communicate with the organization to discuss the additional funds they can provide. 

An FAQ regarding the changes can be found here


Getting involved in a student Student Organizations at The Centerorganization is a great way to connect with fellow physical sciences students. Whether you get involved with a discipline-specific student organization dedicated to peer mentoring or a student group dedicated to diversifying STEM— there is a student organization for you! Student organizations enhance the college experience by providing opportunities to learn outside of the classroom.

There are specific funds available for funding student organizations in chemistry & biochemistry, physics, and mathematics. Student organizations within these departments seeking funding should contact the Student Success Center at

Here are a few organizations you might be interested in joining!
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Marginalized Identities in Physics