Resume Workshop


Location: Career Center Horizon Room (In-Person)

Register: Here

Join our Spring Workshop Series by the Career Center Peer Educators! Explore valuable insights on career resources, resume and cover letter building, LinkedIn, networking, and mastering interviews. Save the dates for these interactive sessions in the Horizon Room & on Zoom – Your pathway to success begins here!

Learn about Becoming an OpenAI Trainer


Location: Virtual

Register: HERE

OpenAI is looking for folks who would be interested in being an AI trainer, supporting our ongoing efforts to apply domain-level expertise in evaluating models.

These model evaluations are a part of an initiative launched by the OpenAI Preparedness Team. Experts support our mission of ensuring AGI benefits all of humanity. You will be helping us build upon the initial work that was recently published by our Preparedness Team on Building an early warning system for LLM-aided biological threat creation.

We have an active project we are recruiting for, with others planned in the future.

Expert review of domain-related questions. You will be generating, reviewing and answering questions in the subfield(s) of your expertise with the help of Google, but not the help of ChatGPT or other language models. This project is asynchronous and short term, done at your own pace, paid by deliverable (~ 100$ per hour). Domains of interest include chemistry, physics, law, medicine, biology, English, and similar fields.

If you have any questions, or are interested in participating, please reach out to aitrainerscommunity@openai.com 

Company Tour Flyer-STA Pharmaceutical


Location: 6114 Nancy Ridge Drive, San Diego, CA 92121 

Register: HERE

Join us for a company tour of STA Pharmaceutical US. LLC. Tour is open only to UCSD Graduate Ph.D. Chemistry and Biochemistry majors. There are limited spots and first come first serve. Students planning to attend must also provide their own transportation.

Women in Leadership Conference


Location: Harvard Faculty Club Cambrige, MA

The deadline for panelist applications is fast approaching, with submissions closing this Friday, April 19th. We're eagerly searching for individuals to join and contribute to various panels at Women in Leadership this October at the Harvard Faculty Club.

Below are the specific panels for which we are actively seeking members:

  • Beyond Traditional Funding: Exploring Alternative Grant Opportunities for Institutions

  • Building a Pipeline of Underrepresented Leaders in STEM

  • Countering Attrition: Improving Faculty and Staff Retention of Underrepresented Groups

  • Honest Dialogue: Effective Conversations and Conflict Resolution

  • Know Your Worth: Pay Negotiation in Pivotal Times

  • Tech Meets Touch: Leading with Soft Skills in STEM

  • Transcending Awareness: How to Advance Your Cultural Competence

  • Upward Influence: Mastering the Art of Managing Up

  • Women's Leadership in Historically Male-Dominated Fields: A Navigation Guide

If you are interested in being considered for one or more of these panels, just complete the submission form.

Submission Link


Audience: Mid-to-senior career higher-ed administrators and faculty