Students in front of the Center

The Student Success Center’s vision aligns with the strategic plan of UC San Diego to be a  student-centered, research-focused, service-oriented public university. At the Center, we are  committed to: 

  • Fostering a culture of academic excellence while preparing a diverse workforce of  future leaders in the physical sciences and community. 
  • Increasing retention and graduation rates through academic enrichment opportunities tailored for students in the physical sciences. 
  • Providing students with training experiences beyond the classroom and career  preparation beyond a degree. 
  • Cultivating relationships with industry professionals to place students in experiential learning opportunities, internships, and full-time employment. 

Core Values

We pursue the Mission of the Student Success Center guided by Core Values: Student-Centric Approach 

We prioritize the well-being and success of our students while striving to create an inclusive and  supportive environment, driven by empathy, compassion, and open-mindedness, ensuring the  best possible outcomes for those we serve. 

Purposeful Student Engagement 

We focus on creating a nurturing and impactful connection with students at every interaction to  foster positive experiences throughout their academic journey. 

Building Academic Journeys Beyond the Classroom and Degree 

We create resources for students through collaboration and connection between departments,  faculty, and other stakeholders within the School of Physical Sciences, alumni, professionals  outside the university, and future employers. We empower students to explore research  opportunities, meaningful career paths, and develop essential career management skills. 

Embracing Continuous Growth 

Through our commitment to lifelong learning, we proactively identify and address challenges  and breakthrough opportunities for our students. We foster a mindset of progressive change,  ensuring that our students are well-prepared to make impactful contributions in their chosen  fields through continuous growth and development.