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The Vanderbilt Experimental Research Training Inclusion Community Engagement Skills (VERTICES) program

Are you connected to a young scholar who is enthusiastic about pursuing a career in a physical or biomedical science, but is seeking additional coursework, training, or research experience before beginning PhD-level work?

The Vanderbilt Experimental Research Training Inclusion Community Engagement Skills (VERTICES) program is seeking four (4) students who

  • Have graduated or will graduate between May 2020 and June 2022,
  • Are motivated to pursue a PhD,
  • Are not currently enrolled in a master’s degree program or hold a master’s degree,
  • Want and/or need additional coursework, training, and/or research experience, and
  • Have a strong commitment to giving back to their community.

This post-baccalaureate program seeks to create a new paradigm promoting the pathway to biomedical science careers and aspirational life choices especially targeted to scholars from underrepresented/marginalized backgrounds.

VERTICES provides an intellectually, socially and culturally rewarding experience to engage scholars at multiple levels throughout a 12-month training program that leverages Vanderbilt's expertise in

  • Training
  • Cultivate academic knowledge and research skills, and
  • Provide an integrated training program that supports resilience

By fostering connections among program participants and their research mentors, peers, and respective communities, these scholars will become the integrators needed to further connect science with their communities through while enhancing their personal academic and professional credentials, ability to build and retain trust, and community engagement skills.

The program provides:

  • Full access to instructional opportunities at Vanderbilt, including some coursework required for the PhD,
  • Research performed with Vanderbilt faculty,
  • A nurturing, friendly academic environment and a warm, social network with other graduate students, post-docs, and faculty,
  • Full funding support with a salary $29,000 for 12 months.

Details can be found at

Interested students should send a copy of their CV to Dr. Joey Barnett ( by Monday, May 16, 2022.  A select group will have a zoom interview with Dr. Barnett, and successful candidates will complete an application as part of the official admissions process.


KMF Professional Excellence Scholarship Program

The KMF Professional Excellence Scholarship Program is seeking outstanding college juniors and seniors from low-income backgrounds. The program is performance-based, offering a formal curriculum alongside financial assistance, and is tailored for students pursuing careers in business (especially management consulting, market research, asset management, and investment banking), computer science, or data science. 


The aim is to help students achieve top-tier performance in their fields, fostering personal fulfillment and community impact. Eligibility criteria include full-time enrollment in the 2024-25 academic year, a minimum GPA of 3.3, demonstrated achievement, resilience, and entrepreneurial spirit, as well as consideration of personal and family circumstances.

Interested students should apply online by clicking on this link and will be reached out to if their application is accepted.


Additional Scholarships

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