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Graduate Student Organizations


Society for Women in Graduate Studies in Chemistry and Biochemistry (SWIGS)

The mission of SWIGS is to foster a community among STEM women, in order to help women achieve success during and after graduate school. They work towards this mission in three areas: 1. Professional Development: organizing seminars, networking opportunities, and other events for preparation in post-PhD success; 2. Well-being: improving mental and physical wellness through community activities, social gatherings, and individualized mentorship; and 3. Outreach: mobilizing women to teach and inspire young scientists from underrepresented groups.



Student to Industry Mentorship and Preparation Association (SIMPA)

Student to Industry Mentorship and Preparation Association (SIMPA) supports chemistry graduate students seeking industry careers by providing a consistent avenue for exposure to the private sector. 



Chemistry Graduate Student Council (CGSC)

Chemistry Graduate Student Council (CGSC) is an organization seeking to improve the learning experience for the graduate student population in the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department. CGSC represents the graduate student interest to administration and faculty to open consistent channels of communication and help to sustain a social, well-connected community of graduate students by facilitating a variety of events and social gatherings. 



American Chemical Society Student Affiliates (ACS-SA)

American Chemical Society Student Affiliates (ACS-SA) strives to serve UCSD chemistry majors by providing a friendly environment for the intellectual exploration of relevant industrial chemistry and chemical research topics. We aim to provide students interested in science with networking, outreach and volunteering opportunities that will help them define their goals, choose their career path and pursue their intended career. 



Physics Grad Council (PGC)

The Physics Graduate Council (PGC) exists to vocalize and advocate for the rights, concerns, and objectives of the graduate students in the Physics Department at UC San Diego. The PGC will act as the officially recognized liaison between the Physics Department administration and faculty and the graduate student body of said department. 



Graduate Women in Physics (GWIP)

Graduate Women in Physics (GWIP) exists to support women graduate students in the Physics Department through the challenges they encounter as members of an underrepresented group in the field of physics.