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2018 Undergraduate Research Award Recipients

  • Jonathan Bussing

    Chemistry & Biochemistry 

    Research: Exploring Ligand Design in Single Molecule Magnetism

    Faculty Advisor: Jeffrey Rinehart 

  • Jerika Chiong

    Chemistry & Biochemistry
    Research: Rational Design of Metal-Organic Frameworks from Discrete Synthetic Clusters
    Faculty Advisor: Akif Tezcan
  • Qinzhuo Gong

    Research: The Distribution of Eigenvalues for Wigner Matrices
    Faculty Advisor: Jonathan Novak
  • Raghav Kansal

    Research: Arbitrary Ultra-Cold Atomic Lattices Using Holographic Optical Tweezers
    Faculty Advisor: Julio Barreiro
  • Jianyu Long

    Physics and Mathematics
    Research: SanDix Acrylic TPC
    Faculty Advisor: Kaixuan Ni
  • Alexander Lorenzo

    Research: Cofilin Mediated Severing of Actin Filaments 
    Faculty Advisor: Elena F. Koslover
  • Allen Po

    Chemistry & Biochemistry

    Research: Understanding the Binding Interactions of the p50/RelA-with Transactivation Domain with Different κB DNA Sequences

    Faculty Advisor: Elizabeth Komives

  • Joshua Richardson

    Chemistry & Biochemistry

    Research: Synthetic Progress Toward Completely Substituted Aryl-Isocyanide Cobalt-Chalcogen Clusters

    Faculty Advisor: Joshua Figueroa

  • Chu-Hsien Tsai

    Chemistry & Biochemistry

    Research: Development of Galactophilc Tag for Targeting Proteins into Glycolipid Droplets

    Faculty Advisor: Neal Devaraj

  • Russell Van Linge


    Research: The Search for Low-Mass Stars Using Machine Learning

    Faculty Advisor: Adam Burgasser

  • Ashley Warner


    Research: Antiferromagnetic Domains of Rare-Earth Nickelate Thin Films Using Resonant Coherence X-ray Scattering

    Faculty Advisor: Alex Frano

  • Laura Williamson

    Chemistry & Biochemistry 

    Research: Uncovering the Role of Oxygen Ligand Position in Conformationally Gated Electron Transfers in Nitrogenase

    Faculty Advisor: Akif Tezcan

  • Megan Young

    Chemistry & Biochemistry

    Research: Crosslinking Pseudomonas Aeruginosa ACP with Acyl Homoserine Lactone Synthases

    Faculty Advisor: Michael Burkart

  • Jason Yu

    Chemistry & Biochemistry

    Research: Synthesis of Hollow Tungsten Diselenide Nanoparticles

    Faculty Advisor: Alina M. Schimpf

  • Ziyi Zhao


    Research: A Simulation On Interference between two X-ray Beams Carrying Topological Charge

    Faculty Advisor: Tenio Popminthchev




william-lee-profile.jpgInitially conceived and started with funding from UC San Diego alumnus Bill Lee, MS 79, PhD 82, the Undergraduate Summer Research Awards program provides substantial stipends to enable students to conduct research under faculty mentorship during the summer. Launched in 2018, the program places students in the role of principal investigator, designing and pursuing new research, and learning not only from their successes, but also from experiencing failure as an intrinsic element of the scientific process.