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Undergraduate Research Award

The Undergraduate Summer Research Award provides funding for UC San Diego undergraduates majoring in the physical sciences (chemistry & biochemistry, mathematics, physics) to conduct a summer research project under the guidance of a UC San Diego faculty member.


Mentorship Program

The UC San Diego Physical Sciences Mentorship Program is a collaboration between the Division of Physical Sciences Student Success Center and the Alumni Office. The objective of the program is for mentors to support students in navigating the job search process during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


EXPAND Mentorship Program

The EXPAND (EXperiential Projects for Accelerated Networking and Development) mentorship program provides undergraduate students with a choice of experiential projects, each of which has been designed by a graduate student mentor to develop industry-relevant skills.


Division of Physical Sciences Cohort Program

The Division of Physical Sciences Cohort Program, a new and exciting opportunity for students in Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics to work together as a community to build foundational knowledge and launch meaningful and significant careers in STEM.