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The Division of Physical Sciences Cohort Program

The Division of Physical Sciences Cohort Program, a new and exciting opportunity for students in Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics to work together as a community to build foundational knowledge and launch meaningful and significant careers in STEM.

This program consists of the following major components:

  • Summer Bridge: An intensive 6-week summer transition program that will help you fully acclimate to the academic, social, and cultural life at the university. The dates for 2021 are August 1 – September 11.
  • Cohort Learning Environment: Beginning in the Fall of your freshman year, the cohort will take their Chemistry, Math, & Physics courses together. The cohort will continue taking courses together throughout their first two years at University—major dependent. Professors in each series will be from a pool of faculty members that teach from a ‘Growth Mindset’ and have agreed to coordinate their respective series. This includes a dedicated Math 20A course (first quarter calculus) that will be capped at 70 seats and taught by a Summer Bridge faculty instructor.
  • Continuous Mentorship: All students in our program will receive mentorship from experienced students in similar majors during every year of study. This includes guidance during critical times such as application periods for internships, summer research programs, graduate schools. Upperclassmen in the program will have the opportunity to serve as mentors for subsequent cohorts. Students will also receive one-on-one professional advisement from faculty members associated with the program.
  • Research Experience: Our goal is to provide you with the best learning opportunities we have to offer. At UC San Diego this means research. Students in our program will have increased opportunity to apply for and receive the research experiences which are vital for impactful careers in STEM.

Year 1 Outline


* The cohort will continue taking courses together throughout their first two years at University. The sequence noted above is an example of a Year 1 Outline & does not pertain to all Chemistry, Math, & Physics majors.