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Alumni Spotlight


Learn about some of our best and brightest alumni at the Student Success Center!

 2022 Alumni

  • Anissa Elayadi

    Anissa Elayadi

    EXPAND Program, Winter 2022

    Anissa was an industry representative from John Hopkins Applied Physics Lab with a Ph.D. in Chem/Biochem

  • Lois Yu

    Lois Yu

    EXPAND Program, Winter 2022

    Lois was an industry representative from Perspecta who studied Math, Chinese Studies, Geophysics, and Statistics.

  • Jessica Moreton

    Jessica Moreton

    Mentoring Program, Winter 2022

    Jessica was a mentor from Matrix Sensors, Inc. who has a BS in Chemistry, a MS in Chemistry, and a PhD in Chemistry.

  • Kishan Patel

    Kishan Patel

    EXPAND Program, Winter 2022

    Kishan was an industry representative from Pacific Specialty Insurance Company with a joint Mathematics & Economics major.

2021 Alumni

  • Chelsea Ballinger

    Chelsea Ballinger

    EXPAND Program, Pilot

    Chelsea was an industry representative from Booz Allen Hamilton with a B.S. in Physics.

  • Amanda Horowitz

    Amanda Horowitz

    Mentorship Program, Winter 2021

    Amanda was a mentor from Clarify Health Solutions, Inc. with a joint Math-Econ major and a minor in Chemistry.